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Rehearsal Part I

October 24, 2009


I never thought that telling kids to sit down was that hard. But last Friday I understood why children are children after all.

As mentioned earlier, Sekolah Cikal will be having an event at Komunitas Salihara on Nov 13, 14, and 15. We’re going to have an arts exhibition and a musical drama.

So last Friday was another rehearsal for the kids who will be participating at the event. I have to say I was impressed with the teachers. Amazingly, most of them were men!

I had my camera in my right hand, and I was trying so hard to capture some good shots. But, it wasn’t easy. All the children were all running, moving, and playing. Oh my God.

At one point I decided to be a little bit more creative. I approached a very cute little girl. I said to her, “Hey there. Can I take a picture of you?”

Instead of posing, she ran away.

But despite the fact that the children kept running around, the the whole rehearsal went so well. They somehow still could show some discipline and followed all the instructions. I had to give my two thumbs up to all the teachers and coordinators.

The drama story was so interesting. Funny characters were everywhere. Small girls wearing sarong and doing a traditional dance which I must say I didn’t know what it was called. But I gotta tell you, they all looked so cute.

I can’t wait to see the next rehearsal session. For sure I can’t wait to see the real performance on the D-Day.

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