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Preparation Progress

November 9, 2009

The big day is just a week away. Everybody is nervous and everybody can’t wait to finally show the world what they’ve been training for.

Our last week’s rehearsal went very smoothly. The teachers and parents were all satisfied. Our kids showed that they deserved an admiration for their hard work and dedication.

Going to Salihara during the day was indeed not an easy task. The weather was hot and the traffic was quite heavy. But everyone could still force a smile.

The Salihara’s black box turned out to be as good as people had long complimented. To say that it’s the best theater location is not too much. Both the sound and light system were satisfying. The quality of the seats deserved an admiration. While the stage people were both professional and kind.

The first tryout was a bit puzzled. The theater instructor, who happened to be a teacher at Sekolah Cikal, looked mad and disappointed. He screamed, but still managed his patience, “C’mon guys, you can be better than this.”

To my surprise, those kids had discipline. They knew they needed to behave.

The second tryout was so much better. The small kids doing the Aceh’s dance looked so cute in their sarongs. They showed a very entertaining dance with their small arms and fingers.

While the bigger kids did a hip hop dance. They were all so energetic.

The kids from the theater club didn’t want to be left alone. They also performed a fantastic play.

It wasn’t perfect. The instructor admitted there were still many to improve. The acting, especially, needed to be better. But he said he was happy that he’d seen so much improvement.

Asked if the big day would be a terrific day, he said, “Of course, no doubt about that.”

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