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Gita tells her story of Sekolah Cikal

November 11, 2009

Gita, with her champion pose, is surrounded by students.

Gita Helmi is an employee at Sekolah Cikal. Before giving birth to his only son, Gita was a classroom teacher. But now she’s helping the membership and marketing department at Sekolah Cikal.

On one busy day, she was explaining things to a parent. The parent looked so demanding but Gita was still smiling and energetic. A few minutes after that, Gita managed to talk. “Just like you see, things can be very busy sometimes.”

Gita graduated from one of the best universities in Jakarta majoring in interior design. But soon after she left the campus world, she realized that her real passion was in children’s education.“ Gita said that she always felt happy surrounded by kids. She agreed that those small people could be intimidating sometimes, but her love of teaching and children can always help her battle those difficult moments.

To Gita, Sekolah Cikal is always a playground of learning and a home. She feels like she’s part of a big family and that makes her so happy. She then showed how solid this big family could be.

“Every time we conduct any event, all the members of this family are always helpful to one and another. All of us always want to participate, including the students.”Asked what kind of working environment that Sekolah Cikal has, Gita said that, “We’re a bunch of fun, creative and lifelong learners.” Gita couldn’t really express how happy she is being part of Sekolah Cikal.

She noticed that there are many new schools in Jakarta; each is offering different and unique specialization. She said, “If others claim to be different, Sekolah Cikal is different and unique too.”

Gita said that Sekolah Cikal believes in love and that good education starts from family, “That’s why Sekolah Cikal believes that a happy family is very important for a child’s development.”

She also pointed out the green environment that Sekolah Cikal emphasizes. “I don’t think there’s any other school in Jakarta that has concerns on the green movement as much as our school.”Gita let people come and see what Sekolah Cikal has.

“Jakarta is a very arrogant city with pollution and everything else. But once you step into Sekolah Cikal you’ll feel homey and green.”

Asked about her impression towards students at Sekolah Cikal, Gita said that she had so much fun being with the kids.“Being with the children, especially when I was still teaching, always makes me happy.”

Gita said that Sekolah Cikal’s 5-star curriculum emphasizes a balance on intelligence, spirituality, and emotion. Thus, each student grows to be a complete responsible person.

Being on the desk makes Gita sometimes miss her old days teaching kids inside the class. It wasn’t an easy transformation for her at first, to shift from being a teacher to a staff. But she said she could manage.“Our students are both fun and smart. What more can I ask?”

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  1. November 13, 2009 2:31 am

    good post. i enjoy it.

    thank you

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