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Indy Barends says: Sekolah Cikal makes my son smart and creative

November 22, 2009

Who doesn’t know Indy Barends?

It seems like everyone in this country knows who she is. Indy is famous for his comedic style of being a TV presenter. She hosts a daily talk show called Ceriwis.

What people don’t know is the fact the she put her first son, Rafael Benaya Sarmanela, to Sekolah Cikal.

Sekolah Cikal met Indy at the opening of our “Playground of Andalas” on November 13 at Komunitas Salihara.

Indy was at Salihara to participate in our event and also to see what her son Rafael had painted for her. “I came here to support Rafael for what he’s done. As a parent I think that’s very important,” Indy said.

Rafael is a Year 1A student. He created a beautiful painting which he called “The Bright Beach Tower”.

She said that art is something so beautiful, and for that reason she encourages her son to develop his painting skills and talents. She admitted she knew nothing about painting and all that, but seeing her son’s paintings makes her happy.

“I don’t force Rafael to be a professional painter, I just support whatever he likes at the moment as long as it’s positive.”

Indy said she was a person who believed in education, that’s why she pays a big concern to Rafael’s education. She chose Sekolah Cikal because she said she fell in love at first sight. “When I first came to Sekolah Cikal, I just knew I had to send Rafael to this school. Everything just seems right. ”

According to Indy, Sekolah Cikal has a very good curriculum and the school environment is very homey.

“I want my son to be at a school where he can be both smart and creative too. I see that Sekolah Cikal can give Rafael that.”

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