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Math that’s fun, possible?

December 1, 2009

You as parents know exactly how math can sometimes be so boring or irrelevant. For students who don’t like math, this subject can even be more frustrating because our teachers always lecture math in old fashioned ways.

I’m sure you all still remember how scary those formulas were. The worst part was that teachers always wanted you to memorize all of them.

I’ve seen how many children are so reluctant to study math. It’s just so hard to make them like the subject, and I believe that’s not their fault. Not all children were born with good math skills. But, skills are trainable.

In Sekolah Cikal, things can be so much fun when it comes to studying math. Just come to our backyard and ask some of the students here. Ask them if they like our math, the chances are you’ll get answers like: “Math is so much fun!”

I talked to Indriyati Herutami, Sekolah Cikal’s math coordinator, and asked her what she got to say about math at Sekolah Cikal.

Indriyati said that students of Sekolah Cikal are taught with math concepts rather than symbols and formulas.

In doing so, she said, teachers always use real and concrete objects to explain a specific subject.

“It’s the concept understanding that we value the most,” Indriyati said.

“Students aren’t encouraged to memorize theories. We let students understand the concept first,” She said.

She then explained how it works. “If students are having a lesson on triangle, the old fashioned way will give them formulas and expect them to find the answers.”

What we do is different, Indriyati said.

“Our students are told to find the formulas by themselves after we give them the concept of triangle itself.”

Indriyati explained that through this method students are always encouraged to find a pattern in every problem or case.

“This is very critical because students can use this method in any other problem, not just math.”

And during each class, teachers always create a fun environment so that students don’t get bored.

“I guarantee that studying math can be so much fun at Sekolah Cikal, some students even get addicted to it. So, watch out!”

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  1. December 28, 2009 11:13 pm

    Addicted to math? Wow! How’s that possible?
    Excellence job Didi!

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