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Let’s swim!

January 29, 2010

Some kids just hate being in the outdoor and just move their bodies. Some just like to stay hours in front of the TV or play playstation.

But each parent has to know that it’s very important to make their kids physically active. You need to make them move regularly, at least 30 minutes a day. At least a 3-time-a-week schedule would do just fine.

Some kids may hate to play badminton and some may love it. Some may hate soccer and just choose to sit on the bench. But try to ask if your kids love to splash the water. The chances are they’ll be screaming and say, “Yes!”

Students at Sekolah Cikal are very lucky that they can swim and play with the water as much as they want. They can also join our swim club if they want to do the swimming more seriously.

Our swim club is conducted by Jakarta Quatics, a professional swim club that was established by several national swim atheletes. By joining the club, students can learn all the proper techniques of swimming.

We all know how hot the weather in Jakarta can be. Imagine if you could let your children just dive in the cold water and work out their muscels. Wouldn’t it be great?

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