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Pack your bags and go

April 6, 2010

Picture was taken from here.

There are things money can’t buy. One of those things is your children’s happiness.

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on working? Have you ever wondered that perhaps your kids miss your presence at home more than you think?

Working is not wrong. In fact it’s one of those important decisions that you need to make as a parent, you need to support your family obviously. But maybe you need to rethink the concept of working that you’ve had all this time. Maybe it’s best if you could spend more time with the loved ones at home, instead of just expanding your network outside all the time.

Perhaps, it’s also time for you to take your kids to some of the coolest places in Jakarta (Sorry, malls don’t get into the list right now). We have prepared a short list of attractions that you should consider going with your family:

1) Kota Tua: Who doesn’t know Kota Tua? For the past few years, this cultural and historical site has become a trendy location for the young to take some good pictures and just have fun with the history. But, we bet there are many who haven’t been there. If your family is one of them, shame on you. Start planning a trip very soon. This exotic place, pretty much well preserved is probably the city’s most exotic place.

2) The Ragunan Zoo: When was the last time you took your kids see the animals? Years ago, maybe? If that’s the case, you’re one irresponsible parent. No children in the whole world who don’t like going to the zoo. Yes, it’s very tiring to walk around within an outdoor attraction, but trust us, it’s worth it. Having fun at the zoo might be the best time you can have with the kids.

3) Taman Menteng: It’s no secret that most people in Jakarta haven’t been to this green zone. Although for a few years this place has become the best city park in Jakarta. Well, it’s not New York’s central park, but its existence in Jakarta is a sign how some people are starting to give a big attention to a greener life. You should take your children there and let they learn how a green movement is more than just a lifestyle, they have to live within it.

4) Salihara. Yes, it’s far and quite isolated. But if you’re smart enough to find a good event on the weekend, your kids will have a totally different kind of amusement. Look, at some point they’ll get bored with the city’s malls. Take them to learn something different, such as theatre, arts, and culture.

5) The busway! Almost all people in this city admit that they have tried this most-advanced transportation system in Jakarta (sadly not the world’s), but the truth is some are just too embarrassed to reveal that they always go around the city with their comfy car. Well, it’s time to take your kids feel something different. Set a family trip on a weekend, when the bus is not too crowded. Let the bus take you see all the city without macet.

Ready for some actions? Pack you bags kids, mom and dad are taking you to a journey you won’t forget.

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